Our Business

Through their combined decades of experience managing mobile workers and system development, TradesTek’s founders recognised the need for an efficient and user-friendly solution to assist business owners to manage their mobile staff. For the last few years they have invested both time and money to transform the approach to mobile workforce management at an affordable rate.

Staff and Culture

Like you TradesTek realises the key to a superior outcome is recognising excellent people and paying them to do what they love to do. Australian based with Australian values we minimise obstacles within our business to just “Get on with it” and deliver superior service and solutions.

More than just software

TradesTek realises businesses should focus on what they are good at and that it is easier to obtain all your digital solutions from one trusted place. As well as mobile workforce software TradesTek offers a range of high quality digital services including website creation and hosting, internet marketing, automated direct marketing, and brand management.